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Trial Enrollment Period Policy

A person who enrolls in the school will be offered the opportunity to attend certain programs for 14 days, without incurring a financial obligation beyond the registration fee.

During this period the school will ensure that students have the necessary books and materials needed to succeed during the trial period.

Students that continue attending class beyond the trial period are considered regular students and accepted into their selected program of study. Such students may not receive any federal financial aid until all required documentation and information is submitted and the student is admitted as a regular student.


In any event, a student still attending school after 14 days after the official start date of the program is deemed to have confirmed their intention to continue the program as a regular student and thus will be classified as such.


Any student who wishes to apply for federal financial aid after becoming a regular student must meet the student eligibility criteria as provided in the federal regulations. If the student qualifies for federal financial aid, the federal aid will apply from the beginning of the enrollment period, which includes the trial as applicable.


The Trial Enrollment Period is not applicable to transfer, reentry or 2nd and/or subsequent academic year continuing students.

A student must successfully complete the Trial Enrollment Period to be accepted by the school as a regular student.


On the last day of the trial enrollment period the students will make their decision whether or not they wish to continue with their program. If a student does not wish to continue with the training he/she will notify the school in writing and have no further financial obligation, and the school will retain the $150.00 registration fee.

Also, at this time the Beauty Anatomy Institute will make a decision based on the above criteria as to whether the student will be a good candidate for our training program. If the student chooses to continue with his/her program the enrollment agreement will be finalized at this time, and he/she will be considered a regular student.

No student will be eligible for financial aid until he/she is a regular student. Should a student choose to withdraw from school after becoming a regular student he/she will follow the withdrawal procedure covered in the school’s catalog and on the student’s enrollment agreement.


Beauty Anatomy Institute does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion or ethnic origin. We do not recruit students already attending or enrolled at another school offering a similar program of study. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any person who shows an inability or unwillingness to successfully complete the program and gain employment in the field of cosmetology.

Students who have attended more than three post-secondary schools without completing a course of study (obtaining a degree, certificate or diploma), will need to submit a statement explaining why they feel they will successfully complete the program for which they are enrolling.

Beauty Anatomy Institute may extent this period of time for up to an additional 30 days if the school deems it nessesary to further evaluate the students commitment to the program.

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