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Satisfactory Progress Standards

1. An overall theory grade average of 80% or higher and passing grades in practical skills must be maintained. If a student does not meet this, they are given remedial training in the areas needing improvement. The student is re-tested and the grades are averaged together.

2. A cumulative monthly attendance average of 67% of contracted hours must be maintained. All students must complete program within the maximum time frame. (See below.)

3. A student returning from a Leave of Absence or reenrolling will return at the same satisfactory progress status as they were prior to the Leave of Absence. A Leave of Absence extends the student’s contract and the maximum time frame by the same number of days in the Leave of Absence.

4. Program incompletes, repetitious and non-credit remedial programs have no effect upon the school’s satisfactory progress standards.

Cole AshbySatisfactory Progress Standards