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Locker and Personal Belongings

Personal belongings are the student’s responsibility. Locker space may be available and all equipment should be marked for identification and cared for carefully. Lockers and locks are school property.

For safety reasons, school management requires the use of school locks, and reserves the right to cut off any personal locks, or to enter lockers at any time. Personal effects left in lockers after student has dropped below half time attendance may be removed and held for 30 days. During this 30 day time, we will attempt to notify the student to make other storage arrangements.

After 30 days, the school assumes no responsibility for these items and they may be disposed of in any way convenient. All equipment necessary to the programs is part of the student kits or is provided by the school. It is the student’s responsibility to replace any equipment as necessary to complete work assignments, if such equipment becomes lost, stolen, or broken. Students should have all equipment they might need, to complete any assignment, available at all times.

Cole AshbyLocker and Personal Belongings