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Disbursement For Books Supplies

All books, supplies and equipment necessary for all programs is provided by the school and or included in the student kit. It is the student’s responsibility to replace any equipment as necessary to complete work assignments, if such equipment becomes lost, stolen, or broken. Students should have all equipment they might need, to complete any assignment, available at all times.
Students have the option to buy their books from the school, or from outside vendors such as and
Students must purchase their kits from the school as they are customized for our programs. We offer a payment plan available to students called “Monthly pay to own”. Your equipment must be left at the school at the end of your class, which will be inspected. If you elect to pay the balance early, you may take it home. If you stop your education and no longer want to attend classes, you may pay the balance and keep the equipment. If you do not pay the balance on the equipment, it will be forfeited back to the school. The equipment is not returnable to the school because there is no way to evaluate if any of the items have been damaged by looking at them. If they were dropped there may be concealed damage therefore making them unsuitable for return and resale to another student.

Cole AshbyDisbursement For Books Supplies